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                               New classes just added!!
Yoga with Ms. Tara
Join our certified yoga
instructor, Ms. Tara, for
classes for ages 16
- Adul
t that will begin on
Monday, Nov. 7th, at 7:30PM. 
Tuition is only $30.00, when
added to your current family
enrollment.  Drop-in tuition
is only $10.00 per session.

Daytime classes for Adults & 3-5 year old's
                      now available!
Starting November 15th, Amy's All Star Dance Studio will be offering
daytime classes!  We will have workout classes for adults and dance
classes for 3-5 year olds for 2 hours every Tuesday.  The schedule will be:

9:00 AM    Adult Zumba Fitness         3-5 yr old Tap/Ballet
10:00 AM  Adult Yoga                           3-5 yr old Jazz/Acro

Tuition will be $30.00 per month for 1 ADULT class or $50.00 for both,
when added to your dancer's current tuition.
   There will be a special discount for the 1st 15 adults to sign up
    for both classes - only $40.00 per month!!!
Drop-in tuition, or non-studio members, pay only $8.00 per

Tuition for the children's classes will be at the regular rate of $65.00 per
month for 1 class, but there will be a discount for taking the 2nd class
also at $20.00. So, both 3-5 year old DAYTIME classes would only cost
$85.00 per month.

Wheelchair & physical limitation  classes available!
Starting this year, Amy's All Stars will be 
offering classes for children with 
wheelchairs & physical limitations on 
Thursday's from 6:30-7:30PM.  The first 
class will be held on September 8, 2016.

While sports and dance programs are 
readily available to the most children, 
these programs do not always include 
students who move through the world 
differently. We believe dance is a great 
way for all students to become aware 
of their abilities, to enjoy movement, 
and to appreciate diversity.
Recital portraits have arrived!
If you ordered individual or group portraits 
from Nancie J Photography at the studio or 
at the recital, they have been delivered to 
the office. Please come by & pick up your 
pictures from the studio office, Monday -
Thursday 4:00-8:00. 

      Congratulations to our teen tap trio "Before Films Could Talk"
                   & our senior tap trio "The Winner Is..." 
         They are the 2016 Dance Showcase national champions!
About Us...

We are dedicated to each student's dance experience and development,

whether their interest in dance is recreational, educational, or professional.

It is our objective to have every student reach her/his highest potential, to 

take her/him through the different developmental stages of being a dancer, 

and to encourage them to become the best dancer she/he can possibly be.  

Our aspiration is that all students are developing their skills as a dancer, 

they are also gaining a positive self-image, self-respect, and self-esteem.  

We strive to keep the studio and our classrooms motivating and fun for 

every student, in addition to challenging their ability and promoting physical 

fitness.  Classes for all ages and levels will be offered in the studio.  Student's 

level of development, age, ability, and progress will be assessed to determine 

class placement.  Placement in all classes is by review of school faculty and 

approval of the Studio Directorm, Ms. Amy.  We offer open enrollment all year 

long and have no yearly contract.  Please feel free to join us anytime!  We 

sincerely hope you will participate in the annual recital, but it is not mandatory.  

Please call our studio at (210) 566-4141 for availability.

*** Now offering Guitar, Piano, Violin and Voice private lessons. 

Rates are $17.50 per half hour.  Please call for availability.***